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Mufti Anas Age, Net Worth, Business 2023 :Sana Khan’s husband

Mufti Anas Age( Sana Khan‘s Husband) Age, Net Worth and Business, Baby name :Updated 2023

Former Bollywood sensation and Big Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan recently declared to quit Bollywood. All are just surprised by her decision. Now Sana khan is trending on google after marry Gujrat based business man Mufti Anas Sayed. Mufti Anas Age, Anas sayed net worth all details are given below;

All are eagerly waiting to know about Sana Khan’s husband, who is Mufti Anas ? Details about Mufti Anas Age, Net Worth,  Education and Business with all his life styles are given here. mufti Anas and Sana Khan Baby name given below.

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Recently on July 5 the popular Duo of India Sana Khan and Mufti Anas gifted by a baby Boy. They are very happy with his first child as a boy. The former beautiful actress Sana Khan declared that news through her Instagram account, by saying that ‘ May Allah make us the best versions of ourselves for our baby’.

Allah ki amanat hai behterin banana hai. Sana lastly told Zazakallah khair to everyone , this is the gift of all of your love and duas that made our path beautiful.

After that news the fans are providing both of them special comments and congratulate them for their beautiful boy and with blessings. As per the latest report Sana Khan baby name is Sayed Tariq Jamil . The meaning of this name is honest and gentleness.

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Sana khan declared his marriage confirmation with Mufti Anas through an Instagram post. She wrote loved and married each other for the shake of Allah. In that post Sana khan is looking so gorgeous by attiring red Lehnga with diamond Jewellerry.

From that post Sana Khan got huge attention from world wide. She redesigned herself in the religious and spiritual thoughts. Sana now totally changed and fully dedicated to Islamic spiritual life.

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Mufti Anas Sayed is not only an Islamic scholar but also a very good International Diamond business man. He recently gifted a diamond ring to her wife Sana Khan which costs near about 1 crore rupees. According to source Mufti Anas age is approximately same as Sana Khan, Sana Khan is just 2 years younger than Mufti Anas age. They were both looking gorgeous and sweet at the time of marriage. So Mufti Anas age is mot too high than Sana Khan.

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How Sana khan met with mufti Anas ?

From the recent news, Sana khan met with his better half husband Mr. Anas through actor and Model Ajaj Khan. Previously Sana khan was in relationship with choreographer Melvin Louise .

Due to some reason they end their relationship. Sana through her Instagram post declared the end of their relationship. In that time Sana khan totally broken by heart and totally depressed. She has no faith on anyone after that incident. Sana Khan was in search of peace and affection after that period.

After meeting Mufti Sayed Saheb , Sana khan found peace by listening spiritual lectures from  him. Sana after that trying herself to find peace in religious thoughts and she got some happy feeling after meeting Mr. Anas. So Sana decided to make Sayed Mufti Anas as her life partner and both got married in the shake of Allah.

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Details about Mufti Anas age, net worth and business of Anas Sayed :

    • Full Name –  Mufti Anas Sayed
    • Birth Place –  Surat, Gujrat, India
    • Mufti Anas Age –              39 years as on 2023
    • Height         – 5’10”
    • Weight        – 70 kg
    • Profession /Business –     Diamond Merchant
    • Nationality – Indian
    • Caste –             Islamic
    • School –         Local school of Surat
    • College-         University of Gujrat
    • Education-     Graduate/ Islamic scholar
    • Net worth –     28 million Dollars ( As per Updated on 2023 )
    • Sana Khan Baby name-  Sayed Tariq  Jamil

Mr. Anas Net Worth is increasing day by day as his net is near about 20 million dollars in the year 2021, but in only two years his worth go on surprisingly to $28 million . This huge amount make him rich in the numbers of small people line.

More about Sana khan’s Husband :

Sana Khan husband Mufti Anas is a diamond merchant according from the source. His family and he carried out this business from years. Mufti Sayed saheb is also know for his luxurious life style considering Mufti Anas age .

He has more than one Bungalows. Not only in India, he also owned several crores of Apartment in other countries. Mr. Anas Sayed also very fond of different luxurious cars, branded shoes and costly watches. He has many collections of cars and watches which are mentioned below.

    • Mercedes benz
    • Range Rover car
    • Costly Rolex watches
    • Costly shoes which cost about 1lakh

Mufti Anas Sayed always wears a simple kurta which costs about more than  1 lakh. He is very simple and spend his life so luxuriously.

Bottom Line :

We all hope both Sana khan and Mufti Anas Sayed has a beautiful future ahead. Recently they go Dubai for post wedding party and booked a 7 star hotel. This hotel costs  5 lakh per night.

Considering Mufti Anas Age he is very rich as he was decorated this beautiful hotel for his beautiful wife. He also gifted a diamond necklace with several diamond rings to his better half Sana Khan. Stick to us for more information about them.

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