When Will Be Next DA Hike After 50% For Central Government Employees 2024

When Will Be Next DA Hike in 2024 After DA reaches to 50% ?

All of you glad to read that the next DA Hike in 2024 after DA reaches to 50% is all set to come soon just after the Lok Sabha Election 2024. The new cabinet which is formed on June 4, 2024 going to declare the DA increment news. Here in this article you will find out  Next DA hike date and how much percentage of DA will increase with calculation.

Not only the Central Government service holders but also the pensioners along with the state government job holders will get benefit very soon.

According to the 7th Pay Commission, dearness allowance for Govt employees is decided by the AICPI index i.e. CPI (IW). The Labor Bureau issues it on the last working day of every month. However, this data is delayed by one month. For example, the data for January comes at the end of February.

DA Hike Calculation With Formula :

For Government employees, the formula of calculation of DA is [(Average of All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) of last 12 months – 115.76)/115.76]×100.

In this the bureau collects data on many items. On the basis of this the index number is decided for DA calculation by the officials.

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Calculation of Next DA Hike % :

1.Till January the CPI (IW) number is at 138.9 points. Due to this, dearness allowance has increased to 50.84 percent.

2.According to estimates, this figure may reach 51.42 Percent in February. But the index Percentage for March and April has not been released yet. ( That may reach to 52 to 53% )

3.SO experts are estimating next DA Hike of 3 to 4% only. But its has two Points whether it will be 50% to 54% Or 0% to 4% .( Lets Understand)

IF DA starts from 0% , what will happen to salary ?

  • IF DA start from Zero, Then the Current DA 50% will merge with Basic of the Salary. After merging with the basic , this will form a new basic and the salary of the employee will be calculated accordingly. Let us understand this with an example;
  • For Example-

New Salary of the employee= New Basic+ New DA (4%) + HRA+ Other Allowances.

This is only calculation, the things will clear very soon just after the general election. Next DA hike will be declared in July 2024 . Hope for the best . Thanks

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