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Mufti Anas Sayed Vs Sana Khan: Who is more rich ?

Mufti Anas ( Sana Khan’s husband) Vs Sana Khan : Who is more rich ?

Former Bollywood glamorous actress turned as an internet sensation now a days after marrying Mufti Anas sayed. People are eagerly waiting to know more about Sana Khan’s husband Mufti Anas business. Who is Mufti Anas , his age, business, net worth and family details. Also some of the people want to know who is more rich Sana Khan or her husband Mufti Anas. Here you will find out more details about Sana khan’s and her husband Mufti Anas property comparison and their life styles.

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Todays internet sensation couple living their life more adorably. They are both enjoying and sharing some of the pictures through Instagram. Recently they go Dubai and Kashmir for luxurious

post wedding session. Sana khan shared some of the pictures of their latest visit to Kashmir and got trolled. People are commenting on Sana Khan. As she quitted Bollywood and changed her way to Islamic spirituals, then why she shared these pictures. All of us know that Islam dose not allow to capture photos.

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Sana Khan’s husband Mufti Anas Sayed in an recent interview shared about this trolling. He said that Sana khan who is in Bollywood since years, time must be needed to change herself. Mufti  Anas  told he is not totally enforcing Sana to leave all the things that Islam bans. He is providing enough time to change herself by avoiding people reactions.

First we discuss about Sana Khan’s Income, property and then details about Mufti Anas Sayed.

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Sana Khan’s Income and Life style :

The former Bollywood actress Sana Khan was active in Bollywood since 2005 . She is very well known to the industry. Sana debuted in Bollywood through the film ‘ Yehi Hai High Society’. After that she was in many Bollywood movies. Subsequently she started working in several television serials, commercials and ad films. Sana also worked in various Tamil, Telugu films and made herself more successful.

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Sana Khan is very fond of adorable luxurious life . Before marrying Mr. Anas she is maintaining a good life style. Here are some information about Sana Khan’s income and property.

  • Sana Khan charged Min 50 Lacs per film. Extra charge for Item dance and others.
  • Income from commercial and TV ads.
  • Mumbai Flat price approximately 7 crore. She has an other flat approximately price 4 crore or more.

Life style :

Sana living her life luxuriously before leaving Bollywood. Here are some information;

  • Short dresses price around 80 thousands to 1 lac rupees.
  • Cat walk heals price around 50 thousands
  • Loreal brand make up price around 1 Lac
  • Range Rover car price about 1 crore and she has also other cars.

Sana Khan’s total income is around 11 crore to 74 crore per annum.

Mufti Anas Income and Property :

Who is Mufti Anas Sayed ? Mr. Anas is a Gujrat based Diamond merchant. He earns thousand crores of rupee from his diamond business all over the world.

Sana Khan’s husband Mufti Anas is also known for his luxurious lifestyle. Mufti Anas Sayed also maintained his simple life luxuriously at the age of 37. Mr. Anas is not only an Islamic scholar but also a good business man. Mufti Anas has many property in India and outside India. Here are some unknown facts about Mr. Anas Income and life style and net worth in 2020 ;

  • Mufti Anas Sayed and his family is a big diamond merchant.
  • Sayed Anas built a big palace at Surat, Gujrat price approximately 20 crore.
  • He has also some more properties  outside India which costs around 50 crore.

Life style :

Mr. Anas Sayed  living his life so luxuriously under Islam. He never goes beyond Islam. Some of his life style is given below;

    • Wearing simple white kurta and paijam which costs about 1 lac.
    • Louis philippe shoes which is around 50 thousands.
  • Different types of luxurious watch like Rolex and Armani costs around 1 Lacs.
  • Luxurious cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW cars .

Is Mufti Anas Sayed is rich ? – According to media source Maulana  Mufti Anas Sayed is very rich, he is increasing his net worth day by day. He is a millionaire and his 7th generation have nothing to do for their living. Anas Sayed is more rich than her wife Sana Khan due to his International diamond business income.

Sana Khan Vs Mufti Anas : Who is more rich ? Find out here.

By comparing Sana Khan and Mufti Anas here we can concluded that Mufti Anas is more rich than Sana Khan. But both are same in their life styles by maintaining a luxurious one. Hope they will live a better family life.

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