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AFC Gate Full Form in Metro :How it works Automatically ?

What is AFC Gate Full Form ?

An Automated fare Collection Gate (AFC Gate Full Form )system in metro is a set of components that Automate the ticketing system of public transportation networks . AFC is as automated version of Manual Fare Collection .

It is one of basic station equipment that consists of Automatic gate Machine , Ticket vending Machine , Ticket checking machine . In this application stable and integrated platforms are necessarily to keep passenger flow run smoothly at peak hours , at the same time all data will be gathered and transmitted to the centre.  

Applications of Automatic Fare Collection System:

There are many ways to use Automatic Fare Collection Gates (AFC gate full form) ; you can read these applications given below;

Automatic Gate Machine:

   ITA-1000 series AFC controller has played an important role in AFC systems in china , Europe and other regions.  Automatic Gate Machine is one of the best use of Automatic Fare Collection gate (AFC gate full form) that meets the needs of Urban metro and Train stations .
During peak hours
Automated gate Machine serves as stable and easily maintained system to manage and maintain a steady flow in the volume of Commuters. Automated Gate machine ought to be stable and equipped with value Added system features to protect all datas and memory against data loss by power disturbances.
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Ticket Kiosk and Ticket Checking Machine:

ITA-1000 series AFC controller is a compact , lightweight system , designed for Ticket Kiosk and Ticket Checking Machine ( TCM). TCM helps passengers by providing travel guidance , Train Schedule

, seat verification in addition to dispensing tickets.
ITA -1000 series AFC controller is the best choice for TCM applications with its compact size and stable characteristics. In the first few years customers have had great success in tbe the development of ITA -1000  series AFC controller for TCM Solution , especially in both Asian and European Markets.

Ticket Vending  Machines (TVM) one of the best use of AFC Gate :

     ITA-1000 series AFC controller possesses rich complement of 1/10 interfaces that used in Ticket vending Machines which integrates an LED displays , identification equipment, LED screen, touch panel and coin charger .
Since going to production, ITA-1000 series has gained support from numerous system integrators and has been widely deployed in hundreds of TVM systems worldwide . TVM system must run 24/7 in touch working environments which include temperature extremes and impact from dust and is one of the best Automatic Fare Collection Gate (AFC Gate Full form) systems.

Industrial Ethernet Switches (EKI) for AFC Systems

 To enhance system performance and reliability , Advantech’s EKI 3000 series industrial grade Switches with their reasonable price and reliable quality are perfect for Automatic fare Collection Gate (AFC Gate Full Form) systems .

This new generation industrial Ethernet Switch creates a bridge between devices and network, it’s Ethernet port , which supports high speed data transfers for each port , are responsible for connecting the main board , hard disks and diverse devices in fare equipment to collect more data while sending back to control centre.

The prominent feature of EKI -3000 includes dual power input (8.4- 52.4 VDC) , wide operating temperature range (-10° -60°C) are dedicated to operating in areas of unstable environments therefore ensure a reliable and uninterrupted operation for a fare Collection systems.

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