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Sana Khan husband Mufti Anas Sayed latest details : Meaning of Mufti ?

Sana Khan’s husband Mufti Anas Latest details:

Sana Khan recently bid goodbye to Bollywood and held the hands of Mufti Anas in November 20. This beautiful couple is trending all over the world. All are so anxiously waiting to know more about Mufti Anas and their post marriage life. Just after marriage Sana Khan trolled in the internet that she married Mufti Anas only for money. Sana Khan cleared all the things that she want peace and Islam is the other name of peace. Sana Khan husband is a Mufti and Mufti Anas is in the better way of Islam. More about Mufti Anas education and Mufti meaning in Islam is given below.

Image @Sana khan(Instagram)

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Mufti Anas Sayed and his wife Sana Honeymoon details :

Image @ Sana Khan (Instagram)

Recently Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Sayed Anas spotted at most popular resort of Kashmir. After marriage both are enjoying their Honeymoon in Kashmir’s Famous Health resort Gulmarg. Sana khan and her husband Mr sayed are spending quality time together. The former Bollywood actress Sana Khan shared some of the honeymoon pictures through Instagram. They are looking so cute and happy.

Who is Mufti Anas Sayed and what is his Business income ?

Mufti anas sayed is a big international diamond merchant. All the family members of Anas Sayed are engaged in diamond business. Anas Sayed is a millionaire and he is increasing his net worth day by day.

What is Mufti Anas and his family Profession ?

Mufti Anas Sayed and his family members are basically done diamond business. All are very old diamond international merchants. They are earning in millions due to their huge business chain worldwide .

Who is Saiyed Sana Khan ?

Sana Khan after her marriage to Mufti Sayed , her name changed to Sayed Sana Khan.

Details about Mufti Anas – Sana Khan recent post marriage trip :

Before leaving for Gulmarg Resort they enjoyed a lot at Srinagar’s heavy snow fall. Sana Khan shared the pictures, there both are playing with snow fall. She is very happy and covered her from top to bottom with the snow fall. Sana Khan shared these pictures captioning as ‘Heaven’. She also informed her well wishers that she was totally covered herself with winter wear and thermals to keep herself warm.

Sana Khan and her husband  Anas Sayed both undergo COVID-19 test at Srinagar Airport. This test was done after they returned from their honeymoon. As Sana Khan totally changed her lifestyle from Bollywood to Islam, she will now enjoy her marital life.

What is the meaning of Mufti ?

What is Mufti  in Islam ? : From the media source all of us know that Mufti Anas is Islamic scholar. Mr. Anas completed his education through Urdu medium. He completed his degree course through Urdu medium. Mr. Anas also completed a Mufti degree that means a higher Islamic Scholar degree. As he completed his Mufti degree, so a Mufti designation comes before his name. Meaning of  mufti degree is the holder of this degree has the power to analyze and interpret the Islamic law. Mufti has also the power to declare a Islamic Fatwa on something which is against Islam. Fatwa means Islamic ban on something.

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