Air Hostess Course Vs Interior Design – Which one is best for girls ?

Air Hostess Courses Vs Interior Design course for girls :

Air Hostess courses are very popular now a days . The beautiful and smart girls have some internal interest to join Cabin Crew. This cabin crew composites of two wings one is air hostess ( Female ) and flight steward ( Male ) . Both of the wings are recruited for providing comfort and safety to the passengers on board. Apart from Air hostess some girls are also interested to join Interior designing course. Here in this article you will get the best comparison among Air Hostess course Vs Interior design course- which one is best career options for girls.


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What is Air Hostess or Cabin Crew course ?

The young and smart girls have an interest to join as Air hostess. Cabin crew consists of two parts one is Air hostess for female and another is flight steward for male . Both of them are responsible to provide all types of comfort and safety options for the passengers while travelling. They are not only for providing comforts to the passengers but also have the responsibility to look out all the necessary arrangements before and after the journey.

According to the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ), India is now growing its aviation industry . This industry are going to achieve 2nd position in the world due to its fastest growth in economic infrastructure.

The air hostess enjoys better salary with other benefits and incentives. Air hostess duty hours on fly are confined to to 72 hours in a month . This is due to providing  better mental health .

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What are the educational qualifications and eligibility criteria for Air Hostess Training Course :

To become an Air hostess the girl candidates have to acquire the following educational qualifications and eligibility criteria ;

  • Course name :                              Air Hostess
  • Educational Qualifications :      10+2 in any stream or any equivalent undergraduate course
  • Age limit :                                      In between 18 to 26 years
  • Height of candidate :                  5′ 2″
  • Eye Vision :                                   Normal eye sight or corrected eye sight 6/6 for both eyes
  • Marital Status :                            Unmarried

What are the skills and personality traits are required for Air Hostess training :

With the above educational qualifications the girls must have following skills and personality traits for the air hostess training ;

  1. Clear voice and confident speech capacity
  2. Good personality and physical appearance
  3. Better communication skills in local and English language.
  4. Have a better patient in all situations.
  5. Good decision making capacity
  6. Leadership quality
  7. Always have positive attitude

Course fee for training ?

The course fee for air hostess courses ranging from  Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,50,000 for different courses in India. Girl candidates can apply for certificate course, degree course or degree course.

Salary Packages :

Air hostess live a fashionable life with many more incentives. The salary packages for Air hostess are good enough and ranges from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 Lakh per annum.

What are the institutes for Air hostess course ?

  1. Frankfinn Institute of air hostess training , Delhi
  2. Wings Air Hostess and Hospitality training , Gujrat
  3. Universal aviation academy , Chennai
  4. Jet Airways training academy, Mumbai
  5. The Bombay Flying clubs college of aviation, Mumbai

What is Interior Design course ?

Interior Design course is also a good opportunity for girls. This course is now popular among the girls in India and also in other countries.  Interior design courses are very popular due to the famous interior designer stars like Gauri Khan, Twinkle Khanna and many more. The created their own labels in this field.

What is Interior Design course ? What to do after Interior design course ?  Basically the interior designers are like an architects. They help to design the layout of any house, office or any commercial businesses. Designers are always try to design the better lay out in most proximate way.

The main purpose of the Interior Design course is to provide a attractive out look for any establishments.  Interior designers design the layout, structure, furnishings, decorations and color schemes of any business establishments.

What are the educational qualification and eligibility criteria for Interior design course ?

The educational qualifications and eligibility criteria for the training courses are given below;

  • Course Name :                          Interior design course
  • Education Qualification :       10+2  having Physics and Mathematics
  • Personality Traits :                  Good leadership quality
  • Eye Vision :                               Normal vision or 6/6 for corrected eye

What are the skills required for the interior designing course ?

Every course has its own skill , these are the following skills required for the course;

  1. Team work capacity
  2. Analytic experience
  3. Statistical knowledge
  4. Not having color blindness
  5. Good knowledge of textures and tables
  6. Scientific aptitude
  7. Good drawing skill

Course fee for the Interior design course :

Different interior designing courses have different fees according to the course that may be diploma or degree course. The fee for the interior courses are ranging from Rs.5 Lakh to Rs.10 Lakh per year.

Salary Packages  :

The salary packages are good than that of Airhostess , ranges from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 10 lakh per annum. Fresher has also a good package option.

Institutes providing Interior Design courses :

  • NIFT Delhi
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIFA Lancaster Degree College
  • Amity University
  • Bangalore school of Design
  • International School of Design

Air Hostess Course Vs Interior Design Course : Which one is best career options for girls ?

From the above discussions Air Hostess course helps to live a fashionable lifestyle. It helps to visit new areas and to interact with different persons. Interior design course is more beneficial than Air hostess course as it has more salary packages. The beautiful and smart girl may enter in to Air hostess training course but all the girls can join interior design training. So Interior design course is more popular and a good career option for the girls than Air hostess.


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