How to increase Oxygen level naturally at home

Increase your Blood Oxygen Level naturally at home :

India is facing second Covid-19 wave , which is more sever than previous one. Due to more critical conditions of Covid-19 patient, the hospital beds are on shortage. A lot of people are under threat seeing that their oxygen levels are dipping down. The scarcity has come when the hospitals are facing oxygen shortage. Due to that the people are advised , only the patients are allowed to hospitals when their oxygen levels are going down to 92 %. So government advised the patients to follow ‘Proning’ which can increase blood oxygen level naturally at home.

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How to increase oxygen level naturally at home ?

The Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India advised the covid-19 patients which are at home. Patients which are mild to moderately affected by covid-19 and their oxygen levels are dropping below 94%. These patients have to follow the technique of ‘Proning’ to increase their oxygen level. This ‘Proning’ method will only work in mild cases of breathing difficulty.

What is Proning and how to increase oxygen level naturally at home during covid-19 ?

Proning is the method which can improve your oxygen level in the earlier phase. The full process of proning is given below ;

The Covid-19 patients can follow 3 methods of proning to increase your oxygen level naturally;

  1. Firstly you have to Sleep on your belly (Follow the steps given below)
  2. Secondly you have to lay on your right side
  3. Then sitting up
  4. Lay down on your left side
  5. Then back to your first position i.e lying on your belly.

Techniques of Proning or how to do proning at home ?

    • For Proning you have to collect 4 to 5 pillows and a well ventilated room.
    • The patient has to keep one pillow bellow your neck, one or two below your chest through upper thighs, two bellow shins.
    • You have to spend only 30 minutes in each lying position for best result.
    • Alternate your position regularly  after 30 minutes each.

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Importance of Self Proning :

  • Self Proning can improves ventilation and make you breath easy.
  • Proning is only advised only when the SpO2 or Oxygen level is decreasing below 94%.
  • Regularly monitor your oxygen level, if the condition is worsening then seek medical help.
  • Timely proning can increase your SpO2 level and save life.

Precaution before doing Proning :

  1. Wait at least 1 hour after meal before starting the ‘proning’.
  2. Do proning as much times as you want , while you feel comfortable.
  3. Patient can prone for up to 16 hours a days if he/she feels comfortable.
  4. You can adjust your pillows according to your comfort.
  5. Avoid proning if you are not feeling well or it is in tolerable.

Conclusion :

Proning method is recently advised by Government of India Family and Health welfare for mild Covid-19 patients. Needyclass is here providing information to you, please consult with your doctor before doing proning.


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