Essay on Corona Virus or Covid-19 : Rise and Impact

Essay on Corona Virus or Covid-19 ?

Essay on corona virus: One of the biggest tragedy after World War 2  is Corona virus 2, also named as SARS-CoV-2. This corona virus 2 causes severe acute respiratory disease. Covid-19 or corona virus was first found in December 2019 in the Wuhan city of China. In a very short period of time this virus spreads worldwide with maximum effect. Time to time World Health Organization (WHO) is guiding how to tackle the virus. Here you will find a detailed essay on corona virus or Covid -19.

The corona virus COVID-19 emerged in Asia last year and spreads to every continent except Antarctica. As millions of people are suffered from this virus, WHO declared it as global pandemic. It is one of the greatest challenge the world ever faced after plague pandemic of 1720.

World now witnessed more than one million deaths, the humanity is under threat. Till now no appropriate treatment is available to cure from Corona virus. So that only precautions can help to avoid this disease.

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Similar previous coronavirus outbreaks :

One of the previous coronavirus outbreak was found in 2003 and 2012 in Asia. It is know as SARS- CoV-1  and MERS. MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome . SARS-CoV-2 is know as Covid-19 that emerges in 2019. This is a very new virus and is more dangerous than previous one.

As this virus is totally new, people dose not have immunity. Due to have low immunity, people are easily get infections. This virus can easily and rapidly spread from one people to other through contact.

Difference between previous and new coronavirus :

Previous corona virus is less transmissible than new corona virus COVID-19. The SARS CoV-2 has more infectious and more dangerous than SARS and MERS.

  • COVID-19 positive patients have greater viral load that affects easily .
  • Due to greater quantity of virus, nose and throat are immediately affected.
  • It causes severe respiratory damage and needs a long time to recover from it.

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Preventive measures during Corona virus Covid-19 :

Essay on corona virus or covid-19 : This new Global pandemic has no proper treatments, so greater precautions can help you to avoid covid-19 infections. To decrease the spreading rates of corona virus, we have to follow some preventive measures. The WHO has also issued some Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP) to function. How can you avoid corona virus covid-19 infections, here are some tips

  1. Avoid travelling to the areas or countries severely affected with covid-19
  2. Wash hands more frequently till 20 seconds to kill virus.
  3. Wear a mask outside and even at home if some one has covid-19 symptoms.
  4. Maintain a proper hygiene.
  5. Eat recent cocked warm foods.
  6. Try to avoid direct contact with persons having any symptoms.
  7. Isolate himself if you have any symptoms of corona virus.
  8. Follow the guide lines which are issued by local government.
  9. Avoid gathering or crowded area.
  10. If you have any symptoms then immediately inform to your local authority for proper treatment.
  11. Do not ignore early symp toms, early detection of corona virus can easily avoid further complications.

Due to non-availability of proper treatment, some traditional medicines are available to increase your immunity. The person having greater immunity have greater power to fight corona virus. Here are some tips to improve your immunity;

  • Take a good sleep that may be more than 8 hours a day will improve your immunity power.
  • If you think you are tired then take rest.
  • Try to reduce stress.
  • Always take a proper diet having good vitamins.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc are the key vitamins to improve immunity power.
  • Reduce sugar related foods, take vegetables in a good amount.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking which can adversely affect your lungs.
  • Try to wonder in fresh air and avoid pollution area.
  • Last but not least, Exercise is the best option to improve strength and stamina of your body.

Common Symptoms of Corona virus or covid-19 :

There are some common symptoms of corona virus these are given below

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Tiredness with body aches and pain
  • Sore throat
  • Headache for long time
  • Loss of taste and smell

SOME Severe symptoms :

  • Shortness of breathing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling of pressure in chest
  • Loss of appetite

Call the doctor immediately if you find any of this serious symptoms for proper treatment.

Things that governments are doing to tackle the spread of Corona virus :

All the countries are trying to reduce the cases of corona virus by several methods that are given below

  • Contact tracing are done which are found positive.
  • Rapid corona virus kits are easily available to find the infectious people.
  • Local governments are increasing  the amount of test .
  • Governments are giving all types of benefits to the infectious people during isolation period.
  • Different types of applications are designed like ” Aarogya setu ” to aware and alert people to avoid direct contact.
  • Awareness by local NGOs and other social media.

Impact or Essay of Corona virus or covid-19 in economic conditions:

Essay on covid-19 : Due to corona virus out break most of the countries started lockdown of entire nation to avoid spreading. Due to lockdown the economic conditions are severely affected. Most of the countries GDP rate falls down which is still not recovered.

Some governments are providing financial benefits to the poor, which are not enough. Several schemes are also made to face the poor by providing foods.

All types of companies government offices are totally stopped. So that most of the people lost their jobs. This situations are not recovered till now.

The tourism business affect seriously, lots of people lost their job.

Value of currencies are fall down severely. Countries are now trying to increase GDP by engaging more people and giving them some small startups.

Bottom Line:

Corona virus 2 or covid-19 is a new virus, so we have to aware ourselves by following preventing measures. The health care provider and other covid warriors are fighting to tackle this virus. Scientists from most of countries are trying to find out medicines or Vaccine of covid-19. People around the world have greater faith of getting a vaccine in near future. We hope  a better future . This is a short essay on corona virus, if you want a detailed information on it comment below.


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