What is Translatory Motion ? 10 Examples,Definition, Types

A body which is moving in Translatory Motion, move uniformly irrespective of the change in body orientation. So Translatory Motion is a motion in which a body displaced from one place to another place and all the parts of the body moved uniformly in same direction , here we discuss about type of Translatory motion examples.

What is Translatory Motion ?

When a body moves in Translatory Motion, it is said that all  particles of the body move uniformly in same direction that means all body objects move in parallel manner with each other.

Translational Motion is placed when a body displaced from one place to another place. That time all the body particles moved from its initial position to final position in same direction moving parallel to each other. So this type of motion is a translational motion.

Some Facts of  Translatory/Translation Motion :

  1. Translatory motion is also known as Translation Motion.
  2. During Motion all the particles of the said object move in same direction.
  3. The velocity and acceleration of the moving body is same till to reach its final position.
  4. That means the body in motion have equal trajectories.

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10 Translatory Motion Examples :

Some of the Translatory motion examples are given below; You can relate these examples of Translatory in real life to get more similar examples of the translational motion.

  1. Train moving in the track with uniform velocity.
  2. Carrom dots moved from one place to another place on carrom board.
  3. A person walking on the road irrespective of any obstacles.
  4. A bullet fired from a gun.
  5. A car or bike moving in a straight line with same velocity .
  6. A girl playing on a slope for sliding down .
  7. A ball trowing on the ground.
  8. Pulling the drawer of the table.
  9. Skaters while skating down an incline way.
  10. When Athletes run in a track is also a Translatory motion example.

Types of Translatory Motion :

Depending on the types of movement of objects, the Translatory  is divided into two types;

  1. Rectilinear Motion
  2. Curvilinear Motion

Rectilinear Motion Definition and Examples:

Rectilinear Motion is a one type of Translation Motion in which body moves along a straight line .

Some of the Translatory motion examples that are based on Rectilinear Motions are given below

  1. Bullet fired from a Gun
  2. Car or train moving in a straight line

Curvilinear Motion Definition and Examples:

Curvilinear motion is a kind of Translation Motion in which body moves in a curved path. In this kind of motion , the movement of the body is fixed . The body will move in a circular path where all the particles moved in a fixed circular path.

Some examples of Curvilinear Motion are

  1. Athletes moving in a track
  2. A vehicle’s turning in a curved path

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