8th pay commission is the most wanting thing for all the government employees today. All the government employees not only the state but also the central departments are are eagerly waiting for the pay commission. Here in this article you will find out 8th pay commission Odisha latest update news 2024, its formation, Percentage of salary increase with fitment factor.

Overview of 8th Pay Commission Odisha :

In Every 10 years of gap, a pay commission is constituted to overcome the impact of inflation rate in the country. The First pay commission is formed in year 1947 to revise the payment of government employees.  This 8th Pay commission Odisha promises a lots of benefits,

  • Revised pay scales for the employees
  • Enhanced retirement benefits, not only for government employees but also for Military personnel and Pensioners.
  • This pay commission also Enhance certain allowances  that include House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowances (DA) , Children Education Allowance (CEA) , Hostel Subsidy and some Other.
  • The main purpose of the formation of the commission is to address the increasing living expenses.

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8th Pay Commission Odisha Formation Dates :

Certain media reports indicate the possibility of an announcement of 8th pay commission Odisha will in the middle of the year of 2024. From source some good news also come, as the new 8th  pay commission will soon be declared just after General Election 2024 .

As the result of the general election going to be declared in June 04, 2024. Just after that the new pay commission formation date going to declare by the new government.

All the official procedures are completed to declare the formation of new pay commission . But we have to wait till the official announcement of pay commission. According to the new pay commission minimum salary will rise from Rs.18,000 to Rs.26,000. The salary rise is 44.5% of the basic salary in 8th pay commission Odisha.

Salary Increase in new Pay Commission :

  • Some Financial Experts suggest that the basic salaries of the government employees could rise eventually between 20% to 35% having a fitment factor of 3 (expected). So that the minimum basic salary of the government employees will increase from Rs.18,000 to Rs. 21,600.
  • But the Central Government employees have long been demanding to increase the fitment factor from 3 to 3.68 in the 8TH pay commission,  so that it will bring the minimum basic salary will increase from Rs.18,000 to Rs.26,000. These benefits are not only for the central govt employees , 8th pay commission also provide benefits to all states including Odisha.
  • Hope For Best results.

Conclusion :

After 2 years of Formation of 8th pay commission , it will come exist from 01 January 2026. As we all know from all the previous pay commissions that the pay commissions are formed before 2 years of acceptance.

You can visit here for more information on 8th pay commission in Odia


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