MCA Syllabus For Entrance Exam 2024-25

What is MCA Entrance Exam ?

       MCA , Master of Computer Application, is a basic 2 years course that can be pursued after BCA or equivalent Bachelors degrees . MCA is a post graduate degree professional course that focuses on computer Applications, Computer Science and programming languages. Here you will find detailed MCA syllabus for entrance exam 2024-25.

The main objective of MCA course is to develop information and technology professionals . To Pursue MCA professional course, you have to qualify MCA Entrance exams with all eligibility criteria . However The eligibility criteria of Exam varies from college to college. So all basic information regarding  MCA Entrance Exam , MCA Syllabus for entrance exam ,  course Duration, Eligibility, scope is detailing below  that might be helpful for an aspirant.    

MCA course  and its duration:

    MCA is a post graduate degree course which provides comprehensive knowledge about computer Applications with the support of programming languages. Students those pursuing MCA are given a chance to develop modern Software through the help of Sophisticated Tools and Techniques . MCA is a course of 2 years that is subdivided into four Semesters . So students need to go through each semester to complete this Course  .

You can also complete the MCA degree in distance mode from the deemed universities like IGNOU, LPU, JNU and more. Click here for IGNOU MCA syllabus.

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MCA Syllabus For Entrance Exam 2024-25 :

Students can check below the complete subject wise syllabus to prepare for the Entrance exam. Question will be asked about subjects like

  1. Mathematics,
  2. Analytical ability,
  3. Logical Reasoning ,
  4. Computer Awareness and
  5. English.

 The duration of exam is for two hours and 480 marks to 120 questions. However no of questions  and timing varies according to the universities.  Examination is conducted in CBT based with MCQ questions. MCA Syllabus For entrance exam are given in detail format below;

MCA Syllabus for Entrance of Mathematics Subject :




Fundamental operation in Algebra , Expansion, factorization, Quadratic Equations, Indices, logarithm, Arithmetic, AP and GP , Binomial Theorem, permutation and Combination

Set Theory

Set, Subsets, Operation on Sets, Sequences, properties of Integers , Relation and Function


Elementary Transformations, Inverse of Matrix, rank, Solutions of linear Equations, Eigen values, Vectors and Quadratic Forms

Co-ordinate Geometry

Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates, Equations of a line , Mid point, intersections, Equations of a circle, Distance Formulae, pare of Straight lines, parabola, Ellipse, hyperbola , Simple Geometric transformations


Limits of Functions , Continuous Functions, Differentiation of Functions, Tangents and Normal , Simple examples of Maxima and Minima, Integration of function by parts, by Substitution and by partial Fraction, definite Integral Application to Volumes and surface of frustums of a sphere, Cone , Cylinder , Taylor Series.

Differential Equations

Differential Equations of the first order and their Solutions , Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients , Homogeneous linear Differential Equations


The position vector, scalar and vector product , Addition  and subtraction of Vector and Its application to simple geometrical problems and Mechanics


Simple Identities, trigonometric Equations, properties of triangles, height and Distance

Probability and Statistics

Basic Concepts of Probability Theory, averages, dependent and Independent events , frequency distributions and measure of Dispersions

, Skewness and Kurtosis, Random Variable, Distribution Function, Mathematical Expectations , Binomial, poisson, normal Distributions, Curve Fitting and the principle of least Square, Correlation and regression.

Linear programming

Formulation of simple linear programming problems, basic Concept of simple and graphical method, Transportation and Assignment problems , Duality and Integer programming. This is the basic MCA Syllabus For entrance exam in Mathematics.


Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning Syllabus:

MCA Syllabus for Entrance Exam on Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning given here. The questions in this section will test the following-

1. Logical Reasoning
2. Quantitative Reasoning
3. Visio- Spatial Reasoning

English Syllabus:

MCA Syllabus for Entrance exam in English subject is given below;

1. Articles and presentations
2. Idioms and phrases
3. Synonyms
4. Reading Comprehension
5. Expansion of An idea
6. Completion of a sentence
7. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word.
8. Paragraphs

Computer Awareness Syllabus:


Computer Basics
Organizing of a computer,  CPU, Input and Output Devices, Computer Memory, Memory Organization, Back up devices.
Data Representation
Representation of Characters, Integers, Fractions, binary and Hexadecimal representations, Binary Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication , 1’s and 2’s compliment arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, Normalized Floating point Representation, Boolean Algebra, Truth Table, Venn Diagram. These are the MCA syllabus for entrance exam on Data Representation.
Computer Architecture
Book Structure of Computers, Communication Between the processor and I/O devices , Interrupts.
Computer Language
Assembly Language and High level Language , Multiprograming and Time sharing operating Systems , Computer Programming in C.
Operating Systems
Evolution of operating Systems, Types of Operating Systems, Functions of An operating Systems, Modern Operating Systems. These are the basic MCA Syllabus for entrance exam in computer science.


MCA Entrance Exam Eligibility :

    According to AICTE , An MCA course has the following Prerequisites :

1. Candidates must have a BCA / B.Com , BA degree with mathematics as one of the subject at 12th and Graduation level.

However MCA colleges in India might ask you to fulfill the following criteria-

Candidate need to be Indian National. Foreign national may or may not be eligible to apply under Foreign Category.
Candidate Must have applied a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications , computer Science and information Technology. Just after checking the eligibility criteria you must go through the MCA syllabus for entrance exam and check your interest on the subjects given .

Minimum Marks Required :

      You must have minimum 50 -60% marks in Bachelor’s degree , 55% and above in 12th and 10th marks do not matter in most cases.

Firstly you have to go through the detailed MCA Syllabus For entrance exam, after that go for MCA course if you’re in positive mood.

Career After MCA Degree ?

      After completing MCA, You mostly get into the jobs mentioned below

App developer
Business Analyst
Database Engineer
Ethical Hacker
Graphical Designer
Hardware Engineer
Manual Tester
Mobile Developer
Network Engineer
Project Manager
Web Designer
Web Developer
Technical Writer

Not only these above mentioned jobs, you can also eligible for all other jobs which required a post graduate qualification such as Lecturers job, Post Graduate Teacher in Secondary schools and other banking jobs. You have to first make a clear cut idea on the above MCA Syllabus For entrance exam 2024-25 , then prepare as well to get best colleges across the country and abroad. You can read MCA distance Syllabus more from here


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