What is VFX Full Form ? Career Options

What is VFX Full Form ?

VFX Full form is Visual Effects. In VFX any image or moving media or video can be altered, rectified or enhanced. This is used to create a scene of movie or web-series that can not be created in original way or in live recording. The impossible things can be possible by using the Visual Effects (VFX Full Form).

The Visual effects are totally different from any computer generated pictures or graphics. VFX can create an image or video by any means. Most common methods of VFX used in cinemas are the green screen. It is a one type of the screen having green background, the actors or actress act accordingly Infront of the green screen.

After that the Visual Effects (VFX Full Form) specialists made some special editing, alteration, visualise any scene by removing the green background. In recent days many cinemas are using the VFX effects in their scene to make them attractive. Recently released Bollywood movie Bahubali and KGF used high level visual effects techniques. The producer of the film do not fear spending crores of money in these VFX .

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Visual Effects (VFX Full Form ) Examples :

Basically Visual Effects (VFX Full form) are based on the human imagination. And these imaginations can not be shoot in a live action method, only visual editing can edit and create that imaginary video or image. Lets understand the VFX through an example;

Let a human being will fly in the sky by sitting inside his car and move towards the moon and will land on the moon within some minutes. Not only landed on the moon but also he will come back towards earth by sitting inside his car.

This is a totally abstract concept and this can not be shoot through a camera in a live mode, because it is totally impossible for a man to fly towards a man by sitting inside his car.

So this imaginary concept can be framed by using the Visual Effects (VFX Full form) technique. The VFX specialists can create all the imaginary concept that you think. It takes much time to edit the concept. Specially Visual effects are added to the Video or film scene after shooting of the film in the post production time.

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Type of Visual Effects (VFX) :

There are many types of Visual Effects (VFX) used in creating images, videos or any concept that are imaginary beyond the live shooting through the camera. Here below you will find out the different types of visual effects that are used to create more attractive imaginary videos.

  1. Motion Capture
  2. Special Illusion
  3. Matte Designs With Painting
  4. Stimulation VFX
  5. Animation in image or Video
  6. Modelling like an actor or actress
  7. Roto
  8. Composition

Career options in Visual Effects (VFX Full Form) :

Now a days using Visual Effects in all the cinemas and Web series are common. Audiences are also liking the Scene which use VFX concepts. The candidates pursue his career in VFX , as this is one of the most popular computer skills with world wide usage. Some of the career options in Visual Effects (VFX Full form) are given below;

  • Animation Artists
  • Concept creation Artists
  • Digital Matte Painting Artists
  • Composition Artists
  • Layout Artists
  • Designing Artists
  • Modelling Artists
  • Roto Concept Artists
  • Digital Painter
  • VFX Technicians
  • VFX Supervisors

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