What is CID Full Form: Crime Investigation Department

What is CID Full Form ?

CID Full Form: Crime Investigation Department

CID Full Form is Crime Investigation Department, It is an intelligence wing of the police departments. The Crime Investigation Department is basically build to investigate the specific cases.

It is one of the important wing of the police and it is controlled by the Additional Director General Of Police (ADGP). Crime Investigation Department ( CID Full Form) is basically investigates the cases which are referred by the Government of India or the State Government along with Director General of Police (DGP) . This wing consider only the high profile cases to control the law and order situation.

CID department has their own officers called CID Officers. This department has no uniform like the Police department , they always work in the normal clothes.  CID department was formed in 1902 by the British government on the recommendations of Police departments and Government of India.

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When Crime Investigation Department (CID Full Form) ?

Crime Investigation Department was formed during the British Government in the year 1902 to control the activities like Drugs Trafficking, Frauds case, Terrorism, Narcotics . These officers are basically called as Detective or CID Officers. They have no uniform. CID officers work are very specific they only handle the cases which are referred by the Government officials or by the Top DGP Rank officers.

During the year 1929 the , Crime Investigation Department ( CID Full Form ) divided into two branches to maintain the law and order more prominently, as the cases of drugs trafficking, narcotics increased suddenly. The two branches are

  1. Crime Investigation Department (CID)
  2. Crime Branch Investigation ( CBI) Officers

The Crime Branch or the Crime Investigation Department has many branches and they work within that area of work;

  • Narcotics Burau
  • Anti Terrorism Task Force
  • Anti-Drug Trafficking Wing
  • Fraud Detectives
  • Anti Human Trafficking officers
  • Finger Print detective officers
  • Dog Squad officers

Ranks of CID Officers :

The ranks of the CID officers or Detectives are given below;

  1. Inspectors
  2. Sub- Inspectors
  3. Superintendent of Police
  4. Deputy Superintendent of Police
  5. Additional Director of Police
  6. Inspector General of Police
  7. Director General of Police

Eligibility Criteria for CID Officers :

Some of the basic eligibility conditions for Crime Investigation Department (CID Full Form)Officers are given below;

  1. The candidates must be an Indian citizen
  2. Aspiring candidates must have completed the Graduation degree from any recognized universities
  3. Then the candidates have to appear the Union Public Service Exam (UPSC ) which is recruiting the candidates .
  4. Besides for the posts like Narcotics officers, Anti Task force the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducting Combined Graduate level (CGL Full form) for the posts of CIDs.
  5. Where as for the low level posts of CID like Constable or Havildar the candidates must have minimum qualification at higher secondary level. They do not need to qualify the UPSC Exam. They have to qualify the SSC Exams to join the CID Teams. You can visit official website for more details
Basic Physical Requirements:
  1. Smart
  2. Good decision-making power
  3. Good memory
  4. Better reasoning ability
  5. Good Eye powers
  6. Team work
  7. Leadership quality
  8. Good character
  9. Sharp memory

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