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What is PCB Full Form ? Types and Benefits

What is PCB Full form ?

PCB Full Form: Printed Circuit Board

The PCB Full Form is Printed Circuit Board, it is one type of electrical circuit board. It is a thin board in which all the components like Register, Transistor, Integrated Circuits are connected to each other through a copper circuits. But the PCB board is a non conducting board made with a fibre glass, plastics and China clay also may be with other materials. Details about PCB full form, PCB Types , history and benefits are given below.

PCB Full Form -Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuits Boards (PCB full form) are the printed board which helps to conduct electrical flow towards the different components of the circuits like Register, transistor, and different circuits that are connected to the path.

These PCB boards are widely used in all the electronics device like the TV, Smartphones, Ordinary Phones, Personal Computers, Laptops, tablets, digital camera,. These Printed Circuit Board ( PCB)  are in the form Graphics Cards, network cards, Motherboard, hard disk and others.

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Key Features of Printed Circuit Board (PCB full Form) :

Name of Circuit Board PCB Board
PCB Full form Printed Circuit Board
When PCB invented ? 1936
Who invented Circuit Board? Paul Eisler
First PCB used in which electrical instrument? Radio
First commercial use of PCB board In second world war

Types of PCBs :

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB full form) are divided into different types based in their respective designs and use. PCB types are given below

  • Single Sided PCBs Circuit
  • Double Sided PCB Circuit
  • Multilayered PCBs Circuit
  • Flexible PCBs Circuit
  • Rigid/Hard PCBs Circuit

Single Sided PCBs Circuit  :

In single sided PCBs the Printed Circuit Boards are made of single layer. That means the single side of the PCB is coated with the copper for conducting the electricity from one circuit point to another circuit point.

This single sided Printed Circuit Boards are very easy to use as its one side is printed with copper . Its all the points are coated with the Silk screen to find out them easily. These PCB boards can be easily manufactured and used.

Double Sided PCBs Circuit   :

In Double Sides Printed Circuit Boards, both the sides of the Boards are printed with copper. All the circuits are connected with each other from one circuit board to another circuit board. Each points are connected to another and soldered the leads to avoid misconduct.

Multilayered PCBs Circuit :

In this Multilayered PCBs , some of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB Full Form) are gathered one by one by making several layers. These PCB layers are separated by the insulating materials. The number of layers of PCBs may be varied from 4 to 10 or 15. All these circuit boards are connected to each other. This multilayered Circuit Boards are used to gather huge data, using as servers, satellite systems and in many more equipment.

Flexible PCBs Circuit  :

It is a one type of circuit Board, that are made of some flexible materials like Plastic. These boards are easily change their shape and can easily fit to the equipment without hampering the circuit leads that are connected to each other. These flexible circuit boards may be single sided, multilayered layered PCB boards.

Rigid/ Hard PCBs Circuit :

In this type of PCB circuit board, the board is made of some rigid items means from solid items . These are in flexible materials and they are fixed into an equipment. For example the Circuit board which is present within the smartphones .

What are the Benefits of Printed Circuit Board (PCB Full Form ) ?

Now-a-days the Printed Circuit Boards are widely used in all the technical and electrical devices. The wide use of these PCB boards are due to following benefits ;

  1. Due to closed copper circuit , it has less fear of short circuits.
  2. Easy to manufacture
  3. Easy to use
  4. Low making cost
  5. Can easily be repairable after finding the faults within the closed circuits.
  6. Has a longer use not easily get defective.
  7. Printed Circuit Board (PCB Full form) can be reused in other devices from any one device.
  8. Huge data can be stored within a small PCB circuit board.
  9. Due to the use of PCB , the weather information  can be stored and can be easily  used from the satellite .

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