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Capillary Tube to Tube of Thermostatic Valve; Which Better?

 Capillary Tube to Tube of Thermostatic Valve; which Better?

What is  Capillary Tube ?

Capillary tubes have very small diameter, the diameter of the Capillary tube to tube ranges from .5 mm to 5mm . The diameter may also ranges from 1mm to 6mm. These capillaries are basically used to reduce pressure and to collect the things securely. Let’s find out the difference between Capillaries and Thermostatic Expansion Valves are given below.

Basically the Capillary tubes are designed with a small and constant diameter that means a constant small radius, so that the Capillaries can be easily filled with the different types of particles. These particles may be solid, liquid or gas, these particles can easily enter to tube due to extreme pressure from the inside .

Uses of Capillary Tube:

The main usage of the capillary tubes  are given below;

  • Basically these capillaries are used in medicine preparation Centres or Laboratories.
  • The capillaries are used in industrial works and also in the households.
  • Due to small and constant diameter from capillaries to tube, the particles can easily filled up within the tube.
  • These are basically designed to collect samples in the blood testing Centres or in laboratory.
  • These are used to test the concentration of the liquids that are flow in to tube.
  • In refrigerator, Air Conditioners the capillary tubes are used to reduce the excess flow of the chemicals like CFC and other gases in to tube.
  • The main aim of  using the capillaries is to control the refrigerant that enter to tube should be controlled and used according to the necessity.
  • And it is very easy to manufacture the tubes.

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What is difference between Capillary tube to tube of Thermostatic Expansion Valve ?

The Thermostatic Expansion Valve are basically designed to save energy and reduce the environmental population. Both the Capillary  and Thermostatic Valve work in a same manner all have the same work to reduce the flow of refrigerants or chemicals that are used in the Refrigerator or the Air condition.

But the main difference between Capillaries to  tube of thermostatic valve is , the Thermostatic Valves are designed in such a manner that these valves emit the flow of refrigerants when it is necessary. That means the valve opens up more when environment wants more and flows more refrigerants. And when environment wants less refrigerants to to flow in to tube the thermostatic valve act accordingly.


Both Capillary  and Thermostatic Valve are very useful. But to prevent environmental pollution or to save energy, thermostatic valves are basically used more as it provides the flow of refrigerants to tube according to the need.

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