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10 Translatory Motion Examples ,Types, Definition

First we have to understand that, basically body is always in rest . If you want to change the position of the body  you have to apply some force on that body. After applying the force the body changes its position and moves from one place to another place.

The movement of the body also depends upon the type of force applied on it. That motion of the body is many types in which Translatory motion is one of them. Translatory motion examples and types along with definition are given below.

What is Translatory Motion ?

Translatory motion is a type of motion of the body in which all the body particles will move from one place to another place uniformly in same direction without any disturbance in the change of position and orientation. Here Translatory motion is same as translational motion.

During the Translational motion all the particles moving inside the body in a parallel manner . That time the motion is called as perfect translational motion.

Types of Translational Motion :

There are different types of translational motion

  1. Rectilinear Motion ( When body moves in a straight line in uniform motion)
  2. Curvilinear Motion (When body moves in a circular motion uniformly)

Here in this article you will find different types of Translatory motion examples which are given below;

Translatory Motion Examples :

From the above discussion it is clear that in translational motion the body moves in a uniform motion and the body particles also moved uniformly . The Translatory motion examples are given below;

  1. Bullet fired from gun.
  2. Car moving on a plain road without any obstacles.
  3. Child slipped from a slope while playing.
  4. Motion of the arrow while targeting something.
  5. Uniform Motion of the cycle .
  6. Birds flying in the sky.
  7. Dots moving on the carrom board.
  8. Train moving in the track.
  9. Pulling the drawer of any almirahs.
  10. Motion of the earth around sun is also a Translatory motion examples.

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