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Bhoot Police Review : A horror Comedy Rating

Bhoot Police Review : A horror Comedy Rating

A recent movie named ‘ Bhoot Police’ just released in an OTT platform , Disney+Hostar .The review of newly realease horror comedy movie Bhoot Police is here. This movie stared Saif Alli Khan , Arjun Kapoor, Jacklin Fernadese and Yami Gautom. The detailed Bhoot Police review is given below.

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Story Summary :

Bhoot Police are the character in the movie, who tried to mock on the dhongi or fake babas who cheat people. The film also aimed to mock on the superstitions of the society to eradicate them. Story line in so good enough, as it has based on the society.

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Movie Characters :

  1. Saif Alli Khan
  2. Arjun Kapoor
  3. Yami Gautam
  4. Jacklin Fernadese

Bhoot Police Critics Rating :

*** ( 3 Star)

Bhoot Police Review :

Story : The movie includes two ghost hunting tantrik brothers Vibhuti ( Saif) and Chiraunji ( Arjun Kapoor). They are working together to findout the demon that allegedly haunted tea astate in the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Detailed Review:

The tea estate of the Himachal hills are owned by the two sisters Maya ( Yami) and Kanu ( Jackline). In the story the elder brother Vibhuti compromises all the girls by saying “any type of girls are my type”and money. Where the younger brother wishes to take up the legacy charge of his late father ulat baba by doing good work.

Here the Director wanted to show the best comedy scene through horror way. But some of the moments of the movie seems like childish,so that the Bhoot police review is only 3 stars. For example  the “go corona go ” dailouges are too hilarious.

In some part of the movie Saif Alli Khan talking to a outside villager in his typical Saif voice,which seems good comedy. But the whole movie lacks an energetic performance. Arjun and Yami took their assignment during shooting seriously while other two of them are just enjoying the hill stations.


After all the scene the best part of the movie is the comedy who is giving a good impression. So if you want to know more about the Bhoot police review, you have to go through Disney+Hotstar and watch the movie.


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