Horlicks Protein Plus : Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects (Updated 2023)

Horlicks Protein plus: Ingredients, Health Benefits and Side Effects (Updated 2023)

Horlicks protein Plus , a well known name in the society for some decades. First it is designed by the two British brothers in the late 1800. Now Horlicks health drink is celebrating 140 years of happiness.

There are many more benefits constituted in Horlicks Protein Plus Health drink Ingredients, which has more benefits and a little side effects. Horlicks is available in many forms like junior horlicks, men protein plus, horlicks lite and also horlicks mother’s plus to get many benefits with low side effects.

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Horlicks protein plus not only providing health benefits to the vulnerable ones but it also nourishing the athletes to join Olympics. This health drink is now available across all the countries of world with huge number of delicious chapters. So a proverb from the company ” a warming and delicious hug a Mug” is going popular.

Table of Contents:

Hrlicks Ingredients

Benefits of Horlicks

Horlicks for Adult

Horlicks for children

Benefits of Horlicks for Bodybuilding

Horlicks benefits for hair and skin

Junior Horlicks benefits

horlicks Health Drink Side effects

Horlicks Protein plus Ingredients  :

The Horlicks Protein Plus health drink also known as horlicks protein plus and horlicks mother’s plus for mothers not only useful for a great taste but also provides many essential vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are used to improve the body cells and increase the immune system of the body. Horlicks contain mostly 14 essential ingredients these are given below;

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Thiamin (B1)



Panthothenic Acid (B5)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Folic Acid




Besides all above minerals the delicious Horlicks health drink also known as protein plus contains some other ingredients which supply taste and energy to the body; these are

    • Wheat
    • Malt Barney
    • Sugar
    • and Milk

Benefits of Horlicks protein plus men/ women :

From the above source we are well able to know the benefits of Horlicks protein plus. It provide not only a great taste but also provide an instant energy . The wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients like calcium, folic acid, iron, protein provide full energy for body.

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A glass of horlicks protein plus contain all the above nutritional facts which can be easily digest in the metabolism process to provide instant energy. The Athlete, children, adults, vulnerable ones, all can use this drink for their benefit, To keep their immune system good.

Horlicks can easily make a person fresh as it provides instant energy. Besides all of these facts some other benefits of horlicks are given below;

    1. Calcium helps to make bone and teeth strong.
    2. As Horlicks mother’s plus contain Iron and folic acid , it increases hemoglobin in the body , which is very important for blood formation in women.
    3. Vitamin A helps to make eye sight strong and improve immune system of the body.
    4. We know that vitamin E used as an anti oxidant, which helps in protecting body cells.
    5. Iron also helps to build new cells in the body.
    6. During this covid-19 era zinc, vitamin c all helps to improve our immune system and used to heal wounds .
    7. Vitamin B1 also helps in well functioning of heart.

Horlicks  Plus for Adults men/ women : Benefits and Side effects :

Horlicks Protein Plus not only used for a limited age group but also it used for a wide range of people. It is very useful for the adults because it contains Vitamin B6 to help them stress free.

Vitamin A also helps to make their eyesight strong. Horlicks can be used as energy drink which provide an instant energy .

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Horlicks Protein Plus for Children / Junior Horlicks Benefits :

Horlicks company designed it not only for the adults but also for the children too. As the children are wondering here and there and active all day with different activities, they need some extra energy.

So a mother have to mix two spoon of junior horlicks which is specially designed for the children. So that the children can stay active and free so that their academics as well as extra curricular activities can be well ,maintained. So that the children are not bored and they can drink milk easily without any playing.

Horlicks Women’s plus for Hair And Skin ;Benefits :

The Horlicks Women’s Plus health drink contains many vitamins and minerals along with Vitamin E and Zinc. Vitamin E is very useful for a healthy skin and hair. Zinc also helps to improve the immune system of the body and boosts a healthy skin. So the girls who want their skin and hair to be healthy they must try a glass of horlicks drinks for the utmost benefit.

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Horlicks for body building :

The body builders require more energy during their workout session. So they most try the horlicks drink for an instant energy and to stay active all day. The boys who go to the gym are using some steroids as their drink, they are very harmful for the body. So they can use horlicks as a health drink  as it has a little side effect.

Horlicks Health Drink Side effects :

Many health drinks available in the market and they have many side effects, but Horlicks health drink have little that means no side effect. If a person use horlicks protein plus and Horlicks mother’s plus in a limited amount as prescribed by the company then they do not face any side effects rather the benefits. Some of the side effects are given below;

Horlicks have a little side effects  if some one drink more than the recommended amount.

  1. The health drink can raise your  blood pressure and may cause palpitation in some rare people.
  2. Horlicks contain artificial added sugars so it may raise your sugar levels as well, so you can use horlicks lite which have no added sugars.

Conclusion :

From the above discussion we concluded that Horlicks protein plus and Horlicks Women’s Plus health drink have many health benefits rather than some rare side effects.
So your advised to take the proper amount of the health drink and stay active according to your gender if you need horlicks protein plus or mother’s plus. The diabetics patients can also use horlicks lite as it has no added sugars, no fear of sugar increase.


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