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PhD Full Form : Education Details, Qualifications

PhD full form is Doctor of Philosophy. Students who have  wide variety of knowledge and wisdom in the academic field, can go for PhD. PhD is also known as Ph.D , DPhil, D.P . PhD course is a professional degree in a specialised field. Phd degree holder must go through some research work, and they are eligible to work as specialized person in a specialized field. Here in this article you find PhD full form, Education details, admission requirements, time duration and qualification required .

PhD Full Form and What is a PhD ?

PhD full form is Doctor of Philosophy. So what do you mean by the word philosophy ? The word ‘Philosophy’ is derived from the ancient greek word ‘Philosophia’ which means ‘Love for Wisdom’.

Students who have basic knowledge at their specific subject that they have at the university level, they have to do specialized work in that given subject. They have to love their subjects and do more specialized research in the specific field for PhD degree.

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Requirements for Admission to PhD Education:

PhD is generally a postgraduate degree in a more specialised field of education. This degree is awarded by many universities and higher education institutions  all over the world to these students who have made a comprehensive study in a specific subject. Candidates have to submit a thesis or dissertation in their respective field along with a original research work done by them in that field.

According to the PhD -Doctor of Philosophy it is clear that the candidates who have completed this degree awarded a honourary doctor degree that reflects before their name. PhD generally done after the Master’s degree in  a specific subject. But some institutions allow the students for integrated Phd course.

PhD  Degree Time Duration  :

Phd offered both by regular mode and also in the distance mode by some deemed universities. PhD generally involves 4 year of degree in the full time basis. But that duration of the course may be increased in the distance mode, that may be increased to 6 years.

PhD Course Details:

The PhD students must have to produce a original research paper as a thesis or dissertation before completion of the degree. Some institutions required a portfolio of their specialised papers to be submitted.

After submitting the thesis paper, the students have to face viva voce test before a large number of examiners. This test last for several hours. The examiners tried to find out whether the examinee done research originally or not.

FAQs :

What is  PhD Full Form ?

Ans: PhD Full form is Doctor of Philosophy.

What is PhD full form in India ?

Ans : PhD Full Form in India is Doctorate of Philosophy and it contains a wide variety of research work.


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