Polio Virus Outbreak in Wastewater: Health officials warned New York, Canada

Polio virus has been completely controlled from 1994 in Canada and U.S due to polio vaccine. Now again the sharp outbreak of Polio virus threatening the people. So the health workers especially focusing the risk zones. Wastewater samples are collected and tested from U.S (New York), Canada, people are warned by health officials to make aware of Polio Virus outbreak.

Polio Virus Outbreak in U.S ( New York) :

Some wastewater of the U.S’s most populous New York city containing Polio Virus. On July 21 one sample of Polio tested positive. This single case is highly transmissible and have paralytic disease symptom.

A team of scientists are sent to the risk zones of the New York city. The samples of wastewater are periodically collected and tested to find out the polio cases.

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Polio Outbreak in Canada :

Public Heath Agency of Canada (PHAC) already constructed a team for the high risk zones of Canada. The agency is collecting the wastewater sample from these zones . These samples are tested to find out whether , it contains polio virus.

Not only this, PHAC also in contact with the U.S , Israel health officials and sending them these samples to confirm the cases. As the testing of polio from wastewater needs some experts in that field.

From the office of the Canada, no new cases of Polio came to notice from these zones. U.S Centers for Disease control  and prevention also giving time to time reports on this issue.

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How and by Whom Wastewater tested ?

Environmental scientist Mike McKay along with a team has analyzing the wastewater samples to find out Polio Virus. McKay is the Director of Windsor’s Great Lakes for Environmental Research. She also testing the sample whether Polio is returning to Canada or not.

Previously McKay made a successful analysis on wastewater to find out Covid-19 . By using this technique she also trying to find out polio from wastewater.

According to McKay , her one of the colleagues, Ontario have already started analyzing monkeypox virus in wastewater.

Warning of Health Officials to the people of New York and Canada:

The health officials are warning to be careful about Polio . The people and the children who did not get Polio vaccine should take vaccine immediately. Also the children should take booster doses to control the outbreak.

What are the risk factors of Polio Virus:

Polio is an asymptomatic disease. But in some cases the virus can lead to dangerous outcomes. The viral infection may lead to paralysis or even death by causing brain damage. Children having less immunity may suffer from this disease. So the risk Zones of New York and Canada should immediately take polio vaccines.

From all the Polio Virus can only be controlled by taking vaccines and staying with the updates regarding booster dose.


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