Will Smith With His Wife Jada Spotted After Oscar Slap

Will Smith and his new wife Jada Pinkett spotted while walking together. Smith and his wife looks very comfortable. Will Smith with his wife spotted publicly for the first time after Oscar Slap in the Academy Awards. Earlier Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars stage 2022.

Will Smith and His Wife Jada Pinkett Spotted for first time after Oscar slap :

Due to that incident , Smith avoided public outing. But for the first time he was spotted with his wife while they left a restaurant after enjoying a launch.

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The husband and wife walking very closely and the actress Jada hold his shirt from the back. Will Smith and Jada both ere in casual outfits. They spotted in front of Nobu restaurant , Malibu, CA.

Will Smith greeted a smile to the camera man, as his wife hold smith’s shirt from back. He wore  half sleeves T-shirt with navy blue pants along with white sneakers. Smith hold a baseball cap on his head.

While the actress Jada, spotted with a red, blue padded tops along with a black pant and black sneaker. Jada also have sunglass with hoop earrings. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett both were looked stunning.

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Smith’s Earlier Oscars Slap to Chris Rock :

After their comeback to the public, some questions were asked to Will Smith about his earlier Oscar Slap . He told that this was not a good act done by him. What he done at the Oscars 2022 was nuances. He ashamed of doing that. Will Smith also begged forgive from Chris Rock and his family members.

This was the first public dating of Will smith and Wife Jada Pinkett after the Academy awards incident.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Academy awards :

So Smith was replaying for the last 3 months what complexities that he done at that moment. He was out of control that time and no other way to insult anyone.

Will Smith did that act, as Chris Rock  joked on Jada’s shaved head in an Interview . Smith also apologized for the mistake what he has done. He also said that he is learning how to control from the entire situation.


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