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Beyonce will change a lyric in her latest album ‘Renaissance’

Beyoncé will change a lyric in her latest album ‘ Renaissance ‘ :

One of the popular singer Beyonce  going to release a new album , name of that album is Renaissance. In one of its song , Beyonce trying to remove one of the lyric which is an offensive and ableist term.

According to the public the word is so offensive and should be removed. The 11th track of Beyonce album Renaissance is ‘Heated’. That track contains a word ‘Spaz’ . The meaning of that word according to the medical field is ‘disability that makes person disable on control over their muscles, especially in their arms and legs’.


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The team of the Beyonce’ confirmed that the word is not used intentionally. And the so called offensive lyric will be removed. As that lyric was criticized and trending as offensive on social media.

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About the Offensive  Beyonce lyric in ‘Renaissance’:

In that song, the lyric as Beyonce sings ‘Spazzin on that ass, spazz on that ass’. She took decision to remove the offensive and ableist lyric as Lizzo told the same .Lizzo in one of its song also used the same word ‘spanz’ in her latest album

“Grrrls”. She sang ‘Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag/Do you see this shit? I am a spaz’.

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Beyonce decision on that offensive and ableist lyric new album:

Beyonce and her team mate confirmed that she will remove the word ‘spaz’  from Renaissance album. The new version of the Beyonce’s offensive  song is now available for streaming. According to her, she does not promote any derogatory language.

Her decision is came after Lizzo’s same action to eliminate the offensive word. The singer wrote that she feel proud that she listened the public and took action on it.

Controversy outrage:

Beyonce’s offensive lyric created controversy and sensation on social media after the release of ‘Renaissance’. That album leaked before two days of its official release. This lyric was criticized on social media , even an article is published on The Guardian criticizing ‘Beyonce’.

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