Foods During Pregnancy for Fair Baby with Intelligent

Foods During Pregnancy for Fair Baby with Intelligent:

Being pregnant is a most beautiful feeling for a women and her family. Every pregnant lady want their baby to be fair and intelligent. Smart and brainy baby will not only get success in life but also can adjust in every situation. After conceiving the pregnant lady advised many tips and tricks for fair and intelligent baby. Here you will find best foods during pregnancy for fair baby.
The family members and the elder one share their experiences what to eat during pregnancy and what not to eat ? Foods have major role during pregnancy  for fair baby. As the cognitive development of the baby continues from mother womb. So the lifestyle and healthy diet have good effect for developing your baby properly.Here you get detailed information about foods during pregnancy for fair baby.

Although from scientific terms we all know that the fairness and intelligence of the baby depends upon family genes. But some of the healthy and durable foods are available which also affect the fetus positively.

So the pregnant lady who want their baby to be fair and beautiful with full of smartness, keep reading this article. This article will mostly help you to know which are the best foods to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby. We are sure that after reading this article you may not search other way or listening any advice from others.

Foods During Pregnancy For Fair baby :

Are you searching here and there to know what to eat during pregnancy to make your baby fair and intelligent ? Then follow this diet option regularly throughout pregnancy which are highly beneficial for you.

The doctor advised to eat multivitamins, iron and folic acid with other supplements during pregnancy. But the natural way to get protein and minerals have the quality food for you baby’s proper development. Some of the best foods during pregnancy for fair baby are given below

     1. Take Milk Twice a day :

One of the best food during pregnancy for fair baby is milk. Milk has many important ingredients like calcium, potassium, protein, carbohydrate. Along with these some other components are vitamin B 12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D etc.

It also contains good amount of Fiber which helps to avoid constipation that generally occurs during pregnancy. It is the king of all food which is available easily in the market. The milk powder is also very helpful to make your baby fair.

     2.Take Eggs everyday :

Eggs are the foods which everybody want to eat except vegetarian people . It contains high protein with low calories which is a very good option for pregnant lady. You have to eat eggs everyday in the morning time. The protein rich amino acid helps for brain development of the fetus. So take as much as eggs according to your digestive system.

       3. Fish and Meat :

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very helpful for you baby’s cognitive/brain development. If you want your baby will be intelligent then try to eat fish at least 3 times in a week.
You have to avoid sea fish as they may create allergy, which in not good for you baby’s skin. You may sometimes eat sea food  in a limited quantity to maintain your body iodine level. Meat also contain high protein amount. You should take red in a limited amount. It is one of the best foods during pregnancy for fair baby.

        4. Take Almond Daily :

Almonds are one the best food always recommended during pregnancy. As almond contains with calcium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin E, Fatty acids, it is very helpful for your child’s development.
Almond not only make your baby healthy but also build your baby’s bone. You may take at least 10 -15 almonds in day. Drop these almonds in a cup of water then take it in the morning .

         5.  Local Ghee :

If the pregnant lady want to deliver a fair bay then Ghee is the best option. It contains many proteins which builds your baby internally. Ghee also helps for a normal delivery. So you can use desi ghee means local ghee in your food such as in rice, breads, or in other foods to avoid pain during delivery.

          6. Coconut Water :

Our ancestors highly recommend to drink coconut water which helps to make baby fair. Coconut water not only makes baby fair but also it provide other benefits. It provide grater immunity to pregnant women. Coconut also treat dehydration, constipation, which is a common symptom in pregnancy. Coconut water is a foods during pregnancy for fair baby.

           7. Saffron :

Our elder family members always give stress to use saffron in milk. We believe that saffron will make our baby fair. So you can use saffron in milk from 2nd trimester if you have no pregnancy issue like lite bleeding or discharge. Otherwise use only 2 strips of saffron in milk in 3 rd trimester because it provides extreme heat which may lead to miscarriage.

           8. Green Vegetables :

Green vegetables contain lots of anti-oxidant. Eating green vegetables your body will consume iron, folic acid, vitamins naturally in good quantity. So always try to eat green vegetables in your food. You may make green salads from you own liking vegetables. Pulses are one of the best food containing a number of supplements which make your baby healthy internally by providing oxygen.

         9.  Diary products :

As per milk some diary products like cheese, curd etc are also beneficial for giving birth to a fair baby. Cheese contain high value of vitamin D which not only makes your baby fair but also makes smart. Try to eat cheese twice a week.

           10 . Zinc rich Diet :

Easily available pumpkin seeds contain high value of zinc which helps your baby’s cognitive development. Along with nutrients it has a high anti -oxidant quality. So use theses seeds in your diet regularly. These are the best foods during pregnancy for fair baby.


We hope you get all clear information about foods during pregnancy for fair baby. So the pregnant women are advised to follow these steps and will consume above foods in a limited amount but regularly.That will surely help you for giving birth to a fair and intelligent baby . Thanks

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