Best Pregnancy Test Kit Online In India with price: Is light pink line in test kit shows you are pregnant?

Best pregnancy test kits:

Women becoming a mother is the most happy feeling .First it came to notice when you missed your period . Missing period is not only the sign of pregnancy. The other signs are feeling tired, nausea, mood swings, tightness in breast .There are many pregnancy test kit available in the Indian market also in Online platform like Flipkart and Amazon. I am going to explain you which pregnancy test kit is best with their quality and price . Is light pink line in the pregnancy test kit shows you are pregnant?  Details about most popular Prega News test kit . Scroll below for answer.

Best pregnancy test kits available in India:

The most quickest  and easy method for pregnancy test is through test kits. It is the most effective way to confirm your pregnancy. Most of the women use these test kits to confirm result quickly. It works through HCG hormones which is available in urine. The list of test kits Velocit test, Prega News, Pii Prega test, I-Can pregnancy kit and Dr. Morphen  test kit are given below for you to find it easily ;

       1. Velocit Pregnancy Test kit

Velocit pregnancy test kit is manufactured by most popular Dr. Reddy’s lab .It is very effective test kit and easily available in India market. It can easily test your pregnancy even with a lower level of HCG hormone. The packet contains a dropper and a test kit . You can easily buy from flipkart online.

PRICE- Rs.48/piece

        2. Prega News Pregnancy Test kit

One of the most popular test kit is Prega News test kit . It is manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals which shows very authentic result. The result will be available in 5 minutes.

  • First  collect morning urine in a small container.
  • Use dropper to collect sample of urine.
  • Then put three drops of urine into the testing area of the kit.
  • You  find an authentic result with in a few minutes.

PRICE- Rs.48/piece

       3. I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

Most of Indian women preferred I-Can test kit as it shows reliable result with in a few minutes. It is manufactured and marketed by Piramal Healthcare limited from 2011 onwords .


      4. Dr. Morphen test kit

This test kit is very reliable  because it can be used at any time of the day .The  testing kit has a handle and easy to pee on the testing spot. It also show a very dark color line with a low HCG level.


      5. Pii Prega Test kit

Pii prega test kit is a new but very effective device to measure pregnancy. This packet contains 1 dropper and 3 testing kit which shows 99% accurate result with in a minute.



I recommend Velocit pregnancy test kit as a best option to confirm your result . Because it shows most accurate result when your HCG level is very low. You can use it just after missing your period. It is best to purchase from medical store as these kits are stored in a perfect recommended temperature.


  • First collect your morning urine in a container for better result.
  • Then tear the testing kit packet
  • Collect a few drops of urine by dropper.
  • Put the urine drops minimum of 2 drops to spot of the testing kit.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and your result is ready.


You can go for a pregnancy test on the first day after missing your  period. If you tested positive ,probably you are 2 weeks of pregnant .In the earlier test you may have a light pink color on kit as the HCG (human chronic gonadotropin) level is low in your urine. You may get more accurate result if you test after 10 days of missing period .Hope you will get a better result.


When the pregnancy test carry out after 8 to 10 days of missing period , it shows more reliable result. That means a dark pink or dark brain color appears in the testing kit. But when the pregnancy test will be carried out just after one or two day of your missing period then a light pink color appears in the test kit.

The light pink color shows a little amount of HCG hormone level in your urine. That means HCG level is forming in your urine . Is light pink color in the test kit shows positive result? The answer is yes you are pregnant. As the test carried out earlier the HCG hormone is low which shows a light pink or brain color in the test kit. If you want to confirm then the result then go for another test with most popular prega news test kit. Again if you will get same light pink line in the test kit then visit to your doctor and take advise.

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