Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy, List of food items

First we have to understand that pregnancy is not a disease. There are a lot of misconception regarding what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy ? Some foods are good for your baby and some others may be harmful. You have to aware about the types of food which have poisonous effect. Here in this article you will find foods to avoid during pregnancy list which is based on health practitioner. As well as you will be able to know about fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

Everything what you eat is completely shared by your baby or fetus inside. So always try to eat completely fresh foods taking care of proper hygiene. Storing foods in refrigerator is very bad idea, don’t do that.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy a list :

There are many foods which have an adverse effect on you and your baby. Here are the complete list of foods to avoid during pregnancy and what not to eat during pregnancy.

         1. Some Types of  Fish :

All of us know that fish contain omega-3 fatty acid which is good for cognitive development of the baby. But here is some drawback, large fish contain high value of mercury which may be harmful for your baby or fetus. Mercury has an adverse effect on the brain and nervous system of the infants. So pregnant women have completely avoid large fish like Shark, Tuna, marlin etc. You can eat small fish as well at least 3 times in every week. Fish which are available in local market caught from pond or river are better than other type of fish.

          2. Some of milk products and Unpasteurized milk :

Unpasteurized milk is to be strictly avoided. Raw materials of milk are also to be avoided. Milk is boiled to kill its germs and bacteria, so always try to boil the milk for at least 30 minutes to avoid any type of bacteria to enter in your body.

Some cheese products like pizza, burger are also be avoided as it is made from unpasteurized milk which contains high amount of bacteria.

        3. Under cooked or Raw eggs :

Always try to consume properly cooked eggs. Raw eggs contain salmonella type bacteria which may cause infection in you. Due to this infection the pregnant lady suffer from nausea, vomiting or serious diarrhea. It also may lead to early miscarriage. So cook  eggs properly at home and consume it daily. Poached eggs and the eggs which are used in cake are also be strictly avoided.

            4. Unripe or Raw Papaya :

According to the experts and nutritionists what not to eat during pregnancy is  unripe papaya which can cause early miscarriage. A substance named latex which is found in unripe papaya is harmful and slow down your baby’s growth. Papaya is the food to avoid during pregnancy is in list.

             5. Alcohol or Smoking :

If you want a safe pregnancy and need a healthy baby then try to avoid alcohol as far as possible. It can cause damage to the nervous system of  fetus. Consuming alcohol regularly can cause alcoholic syndrome of fetus.

              6. High caffeine intake :

Now a days it is a fashion to drink coffee, tea, or other soft drinks. These  items contain caffeine which is very bad for your infant. Doctors  give advise not to take caffeine more than the recommended dose of 200 milligrams. As it quickly penetrates into the placenta and restrict the fetal growth normally. It is also a cause of low birth weight of the baby.

              7. Raw or under cooked meat :

Meat includes varieties of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, Iron, zinc etc . But consuming more meat is also have an adverse effect leads to early miscarriage due to more vitamin A. The under cooked or refrigerated meats are to be strictly avoided during pregnancy.

              8. High intake of Saffron :

It is a great myth that saffron can make baby fair and beautiful. So pregnant lady always try to use saffron in milk or in other dishes. The intake of saffron during first trimester will be dangerous and can cause early miscarriage. Saffron is the food to avoid during pregnancy in earlier stage. Pregnant women can take saffron after second trimester in a low quantity that may be 2 to 3 strips daily.

            9. Some  Energy drinks :

There are a lot of energy drinks  available in the market which contains a high amount of caffeine. Try to avoid instant energy drinks.

            10. Some fruits :

There are some fruits to  avoid during pregnancy in first trimester.  Grapes, Pomegranate and dry fruits like dates are the fruits to avoid during pregnancy  as it increases body temperature. Which can cause early miscarriage or pre-mature birth.

Conclusion :

Take always good foods which contain main nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, Iodine etc. Try to avoid processed and junk foods. I hope you will follow the steps , foods to avoid during pregnancy  list and  enjoy your normal healthy pregnancy. We always advice you to consult with your doctor before experimenting on different foods. And u also get an idea about what not to eat during pregnancy. Thanks

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