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BARC Full Form TV : Benefits (Updated Sept 2023)

What is BARC Full Form TV and What it means ?

BARC Full Form TV is Broadcast Audience Research Council. It is a one type of council built in 2010 in India by the Broadcasters, Advertising agencies, media . This BARC council founded to provide accurate TV audience information and measurement. Now BARC has more than 1,80,000 employees.

Basically BARC is a research body in the field of TV and Media industry to find out the TRP of the TV shows, movies, web series and many more .

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC full form tv ) installed the BAR- O meters in the households of India to calculate the TRP of the shows that may be the TV serials, Movies, Web-series and others. According to the TRP the BARC will provide the popularity of these shows.

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Importance and Benefits of BARC :

BARC not only calculate the TRP of the different shows but also help in many ways like

  • Help to Calculate TRP
  • Help to analyse the TRP
  • Accordingly it will measure the popularity of the TV shows or movies by installing the BAR-O meters in the households
  • It also check the BAR-O meters periodically whether it is functioning properly or not
  • Broadcaster Audience Research Council (BARC Full form tv) has their own maintenance group .
  • These groups or teams find out the complaints from the customers and provide them immediate attention.
  • BARC is providing accurate measurement to the TV audience members.
  • It provides very transparent and accurate information regarding the tv audiences.
  • The sampling of Broadcasters Audience Research Council (BARC Full form tv) is very scientific and useful.

You can also visit the official website of BARC india by clicking here visit now


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