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CSR Full Form in Police Station (Updated 2023): Benefits

What is CSR Full Form in Police Station? (Updated 2023)

CSR full form in Police Station is Community Service Register . It is a one type of register maintained in all police stations within India in which all the non-cognisable offences are recorded for future references. These are not the First Information Report (FIR) . FIRs are not recorded in CSR. FIRs are the cognisable offences.

Basically Community Service Register (CSR Full form in Police Station) is a one type of Diary in which all the incidents that have occurred within a jurisdiction of a police station. These records shows how the staffs of police station are responded to the incidents within their respective jurisdictions. CSR also know as Daily Diary Report .

These Daily Dairy Reports or the reports that are recorded in Community Service Registers (CSR full form in Police Station) are used for further references or for proofs of any incidents. First Information Report (FIR) also can be filed on the basis of CSR reports.

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What are the benefits of Community Service Register (CSR Full Form in Police Station) :

Community Service Registers (CSR full form in Police Station) are very important in many cases . So that this CSR registers are used in all Police Stations within India. Some of the benefits of CSR are given below;

  • After filling CSR reports , the person can take the receipt of the daily diary report.
  • This receipt can be used as a proof to file an FIR .
  • In case a person lost his Driving License, can file a CSR report in police station and take a receipt of this. By producing this receipt he can again apply for a fresh DL.
  • Insurance Claims can be settled through these Community Service Register (CSR full form in police station) reports.
  • The Police Officers also verify the daily diary reports that is named as CSR of a police station for future course of action.
  • CSR is very important for maintaining Law and Order .

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