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TRP Full Form in Medical ? How to Diagnose?

What is TRP Full Form in Medical ?

TRP full form in medical is Traumatic Reticuloperitonities. It is a one type of disease that occurs in cattle. TRP is a most common disease in cattle. This disease is inside their reticulum wall.

When the cattle are consumed the non metallic particles or plastic particles that are digested in the intestines. So the reticular walls are damaged due to the presence of these undigested particles like wires, plastic or other things.

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What is the TRP disease?

Basically Traumatic Reticuloperitonities (TRP full form in medical) diseases are occurred in cattle due to the consumption of non metallic or plastic materials. As these materials can not be digested in the intestines and create peritoneal cavities.

So that the bacteria and fungus entered into the peritonitis. That results into the severe abdominal pain along with several symptoms. Some other symptoms are lack of milk, Reticuloperitonities atony.

 This TRP disease can be treated by eliminating the materials inside the intestines of the cattle. That may be done through surgery or rumen magnet surgery. Before going to surgery, the doctors may go through the ultrasound to know the exact cause and the exact position of the deposited materials in the reticulum. Foreign body tests can also help to diagnose the same problem.

How to Diagnose the Traumatic Reticuloperitonities (TRP full form in medical) ?

There are several clinical tests and symptoms to find out the TRP disease in cattle . These are given below;

  1. Severe abdominal pain
  2. Lack of milk
  3. Ultrasonography
  4. Foreign Body Tests
  5. Radiography
  6. Peritoneal Fluid Test
  7. Pole Test
  8. Back Grip
  9. Pain Percussion
  10. Clinical Exam by doctors or laboratory technicians.

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