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What is UPI Full Form ? How to Use ?

What is UPI Full Form ?

UPI full form is Unified Payment Interface. Basically UPI is designed to transfer the money within a few seconds through smartphone. So UPI is called as instant real time payment system that allows to transfer money from one bank account to another through mobile interface.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI full form) is designed by National Payment Corporation (NPC) that allows all the banks to join a single payment interface through a single mobile application. This UPI is guided and supervised by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Bank Association (IBA).

Now-a-days UPI is used by millions of people across the country not only to transfer money but also to pay bills. Electricity bill, LPG cylinder bill, Insurance Payment, Credit Card Bill Payment and many more things .

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Now Phonepe is providing a simple bank aggregator interface which allows customers to see the bank passbook through their UPI bank accounts. One can visit the PhonePe’s account profile to find out the above.

How to use Unified Payment Interface (UPI Full Form) ?

The people who want to use the UPI account must follow these steps ;

  • First you have to create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) account.
  • This VPA account may be created by any one of the mobile applications like PhonePe , GooglePay , CRED or simply the Bhim UPI application.
  • Then you have to add the bank account in which you want to create a Unified Payment Interface (UPI full form) ID.
  • This UPI account will be your payment address.
  • Here the customers need not to share the bank account details like Account Number, IFSC code or any thing.
  • The people only have to share his UPI Id to send and receive money.

What are the Benefits of Using UPI ?

There are several benefits of using UPI these are given below

  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. Easy to transfer money .
  3. No need to transfer the bank account details to send or receive money.
  4. UPI is very secure, stable and quick to transfer money.
  5. Easy to pay bills , make shopping, recharges and much more things that you can’t imagine.
  6. Only one mobile application for all.
  7. One can use UPI 24 hours without any restrictions.
  8. Easy to pay money to the shops or merchandise stores.
  9. Easy to complain if any fraud occurs.
  10. Some banks are also providing their own Unified Payment Interface (UPI full form) which are also more secure application.

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