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CEO Full Form: Qualifications, Responsibilities and Qualities

What is CEO Full Form ?

CEO Full Form is Chief Executive Officer and he is the top most rank officer in his department or company. He is senior most officer to carry out the final decision after hearing all their sub officers working under him.

CEO is the officer in charge of a company or any organisation that may be government or private. Without the chief executive officer, no final decisions can be carried out. Here in this article you will find the CEO roles, responsibilities and qualities to become a CEO officer.

Roles and Responsibilities of CEO :

Chief Executive officers (CEO full form) are the top most and senior most officers of their departments. They have many roles and responsibilities to carry out. Some of their responsibilities are given below

  • The CEOs are the top most authority to carry out any rules or orders for their departments or companies to follow.
  • They have the power to change the rules or orders which have previously made.
  • CEO may take help of their sub ordinate officers in case of need .
  • CEOs work with the some board of directors and chairman alongside vice chairman. But CEO has the power to take the final decision.
  • The top most authority always guide their officers working under and help them to carry out their work easily.
  • He is the final authority to carry out decisions regarding their employees salary, GPF , incentives, House Rent Allowances, Travel Allowances and many more.
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO full form) has to take the decision regarding their companies advertising policy, Marketing&Sales policy, promoting their products in many ways.
  • He is the top most authority to decide the annual budget for their companies or departments.

Educational Qualifications of Chief Executive Officer (CEO Full form ) :

There are no specific qualifications required for the post of CEO. It is the too most position in the company or department. One basically reached that top position through promotion from their sub officers posts.

Officers work in a company or department for many years with high quality and honest. Then these officers promoted to their next officer ranks and at last reached at the top position.

Qualities of CEO :

The Chief Executive Officer should have many good qualities . So that their sub officers and other people who are working in their company or department will follow them to lead the company easily. Some of best qualities are given below

  1. Should be honest
  2. Punctual
  3. Practical
  4. Have time management skills
  5. Have good leadership qualities
  6. Good talking capabilities
  7. Good Communication skills
  8. Quality to listen others so that he can find out the problems
  9. Be Calm while taking decision
  10. Can solve critical problems instantly

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