SEBI Full Form : Powers and Functions

What is SEBI Full Form ?

SEBI Full Form is Security and Exchange Board of India, it is a government agency. Security and Exchange Board of India is founded in 1988. The work of SEBI is to direct and regulate the stock market . It is a one type of supervisor of Indian Stock Market. Here in this article you will find SEBI full form details, its powers and Functions.

History and Headquarters of SEBI ?

The SEBI is basically formed in the year 1988 on 12, April. But it come to existence as a statutory powers after the SEBI act passed on 1992 by the government of India.

Headquarter of Security and Exchange Board of India is at Mumbai , near Bandra. It has four regional offices to control throughout India and the locations are New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad. The official of SEBI planning to open some branch offices all over the big Cities of India.

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Total Members Security and Exchange Board of India ( SEBI Full Form):

SEBI has a chairman which has been appointed by nominations from Government of India. Other than Chairman a total 8 number of members are there these are

  • Two members are from Finance Ministry of GOVERNMENT of India
  • One member from Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Other 5 members are nominated from Union Government of India.

What is the Power and Objective of SEBI ?

SEBI is one of the government agency or department that regulates the financial records and stock exchanges. Without the permission of SEBI no security exchanges can be done. Security and Exchange Board of India ( SEBI Full Form) must be responsible for the market risk and they will provide securities to the financial investors. It also work for the development of the Market.

Security and Exchange Board of India ( SEBI ) also responsible to check all the financial accounts of the Investors  and they will impose fine and other fees accordingly . Ensure more companies to list their share in Stock Exchanges.

Which are the Committees of SEBI ?

SEBI has some committees , these are

  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Primary Market Advisory Committee
  • Secondary Market Committee
  • Mutual Fund Advisory Committee
  • Regulations Advisory Committee

Departments of Security and Exchange Board of India ( SEBI Full form):

SEBI has many departments to control and regulate the market and to enhance it by engaging more companies . These departments are

  • Corporations Finance Department
  • Two Enforcement Departments
  • Economic Department and Policy Analysis
  • Department of Debt and Hybrid
  • Human Resource Department
  • Four Regional Offices

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