BBA Vs BCA Which is Better and Why ?(Updated 2023)

BBA Vs BCA Which is Better and Why ? (Updated 2023)

BBA Vs BCA : The candidates after completing 10+2 can eligible to pursue both the degree BBA and also BCA. So here the candidates confused what to choose and what not . Here in this article you will find a detailed comparison BBA Vs BCA below. After reading the article one can able to take decision about their career as BBA or BCA.

The candidates who want to secure their career and want to go a better college to a better degree must have to read this article. From the minds of the students it is clear that they are confused what to do just after 10+2 that may be B.A, B. Sc,, BCA or BBA . These are all the undergraduate courses.

Each course has their own value in their respective fields. But the candidates have to choose these course according to their skills and their wanting keeping in mind the future requirements .
If the candidates does not keep in mind the future requirements or what the society is wanting then they may be lag behind the society. But now BBA vs BCA is a good comparison as they are both undergraduate course and have both 3 years degree program.

So now first we find the details about the BBA Course and its career opportunities,

BBA -Bachelor of Business Administration :

BBA Vs BCA :  From BBA full form– Bachelor of Business Administration , it is clear that this undergraduate course basically based on the Business fields. The candidates after completing the BBA course must have many career opportunities in the area of marketing, commerce, finance, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, human resource management systems and many more.

The BBA 3 years course is divided into 6 semesters each having 6 months. A student of BBA have wide range of skills in business fields and capabilities to run an business. This course can be done in regular mode along with distance mode. BBA Vs BCA

Best career options after BBA :

  1. Business Administration
  2. Jobs in Multi National Company
  3. Financial Jobs
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Event Management
  6. Marketing and Sales
  7. Retailer
  8. Human Resource Management

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application :

BBA Vs BCA : From BCA Full form – Bachelor of Computer Application it is clear that the candidates who have wide variety interest in the field of Computer application and its uses then they have to go in this field. Like BBA , BCA is also a 3 year undergraduate course having 6 semesters each having 6 months duration.

The BCA Students will learn different skills regarding the computer software and its application. Candidates learn the basic computer skills like the JAVA, Networking, web designing, Coding, Programming and many more.

In todays internet world the BCA course is gaining popularity in India and abroad. The Information Technology centers are increasing day by day so the popularity of BCA course is increasing. BBA Vs BCA

Best Career Options  after BCA :

  1. Internet Work
  2. Web Designing
  3. Database Management
  4. System Analysis
  5. Word Manager
  6. Accounting

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