Becosules Capsules : Use, Dosage, Side Effects and Price

Becosules Capsules :

Becosules Capsules are the multivitamin tablets. This capsule contains a variety of B-Vitamins which helps for building immunity of the body. It not only provide vitamins but also repair tissue in the body. People taking unusual diets or reducing diets, need this becosules supplement. Details about Becosules capsules uses, dosage, composition, side effects and price are given below.

Table of Contents :

  • Composition of B capsules
  • Becosules Capsule uses
  • Dosage
  • Becosules side effects
  • Becosules price
  • Suggestion

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Composition of B capsules :

Becosules tablet is a multivitamin capsule. It contains different types of B- vitamins along with other ingredients, these are given below

  • Thiamine – Vitamin B1
  • Riboflavin – B2
  • Niacin vitamin- B3
  • Calcium Pantothenate  vitamin- B5
  • Pyridoxine – B6
  • Biotine – Vitamin B7
  • Folic Acid – B9
  • Cobalamin supplements – VitaminB12
  • Vitamin C

Becosule capsule uses :

Generally a normal diet contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Most of the people dose not want extra vitamin supplements. Some people who are dieting or taking unusual diets which reduces the food supplement intake, need some extra  Becosules vitamins. People who are more often selective in their food habits need this supplement. Otherwise a normal people do not want extra vitamins. As these are water soluble vitamins, the excess amount of vitamin will pass away from the body through urine. Some typical Becosule capsule uses are given below;

  • B- Vitamins works for good metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, results good digestion.
  • Vitamin C helps to repair the dead tissue present in the body.
  • It is also used for treating mouth ulcers and to cure sore tongue.
  • As Becosules contain Biotin supplement, it takes care of the skin , hair and nail.
  • Persons having some recent medical surgery may take this capsule by consulting with your doctor.
  • Others having obesity and alcoholism can also take this B-vitamin tablet.
  • Maintain a healthy nerve function
  • Overly provides a better energy to the body

Dosage of Becosules Capsule :

The dosage of Becosules generally depends upon the severity that a person is lacking of vitamins. So consult with your health care provider before starting this tablet. As it has little side effects, still it should be used in a proper time with proper dosage. For better result one should take this tablet regularly without skipping any dosage.

If you missed  a dosage then skip it and go for a next dosage. Never double the dosage as it may occur side effects. Do not take this capsules for long time as it dose not give you other extra benefits. The excess amount of B-vitamins generally passed away from the body through urine. So take the dosage as directed by your physician.

Becosules Side Effects :

This capsule has a little side effects, reported occasionally. Some common Becosules side effects are ;

  • Mild to moderate headache
  • Diarrhea may occur
  • Mild cramps
  • Urinate much often
  • May persist some chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash or redness
  • Blurring or dizziness

Becosules Price Range :

Becosules capsules are available in different variants like

  1. 100mcg
  2. 15mcg
  3. 1.5mg
  4. 3mg
  5. 10mg
  6. 50mg
  7. 100mg
  8. 150mg

Becosules price range starts from Rs.37 for a strip of 20 capsules. You may also buy this capsule online at an affordable price.

Suggestion :

Becosules capsule contains some natural B-vitamins along with Vitamin C and Folic acid. So it is a good source of vitamins with an affordable price. Always take a proper dosage regularly in time to avoid any side effects. Due to a  little side effects you may continue this capsule for a long time. Here you are recommended to take any of the medication after consulting with your doctor to avoid any irrelevant situation.

If there is any query please do not hesitate to comment.

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