Dolo 650: Uses, Composition, Side effects, Dosage and Price

Dolo 650 :

Dolo 650 is widely used medicine to reduce a fever. This drug is also used to reduce mild to moderate pain but not effective for cold or flu. It is a highly prescribed tablet during fever, as it is very effective to reduce fever. The main component of Dolo 650 tablet is paracetamol. It is prescribed alone or with other medicines in a recommended dose. The dosage of this tablet should not exceed 4000 mg with in a day. Dolo 650 side effects, uses, dosage, composition are given in a detailed format so keep reading.

Dolo 650 Composition :

The main composition of dolo 65o tablet is paracetamol or Acetaminophen. It belongs to the analgesics group. Due to less components this medicine has less side effects. It is easily available in the market as it has less side effects and typical medicine to treat fever.

It is considered as a safest medicine, which can be available without doctor’s prescription.

Dolo 650 Uses :

Dolo 650 tablet is commonly used to treat fever (antipyretic) and mild to moderate pain (analgesic).The  Dolo 650 uses are given below

  1. Common fever
  2. Fever after vaccination
  3. Mild to moderate headache
  4. Body ache
  5. Moderate muscular pain
  6. Sudden  Back pain
  7. Mild joint pain
  8. Tooth ache
  9. Pain during menstrual cycle
  10. Cramp during menstrual period

Dolo 650 Dosage :

The tablet Dolo is available in 3 variants, Dolo 500 mg , Dolo 650mg and Dolo 1000 mg. Dosage of this tablet is basically depends upon age of the patients. So the dosage will vary from one person to another. Generally the recommended dosage of this tablet is 500 to 1000 mg in every 4 to 6 hours for adults. The maximum dosage should not exceed 4000 mg in a day. Avoid taking medicine if you have no symptoms of fever or body pain.

Dosage for kids is being calculated by their weight. According to health experts the recommended dosage is 15 mg of dolo per kilogram of weight. Consult with your pedestrian before giving this dolo to kids.

As paracetamol has very rare side effects, the pregnant lady can take this medicine with in the recommended dosage. It is better to take lower dosage of dolo while you are pregnant. It is advised to consult with your doctor before taking this tablet.

If you missed a dosage then take when you remind it as it has no or little side effects. But in case of kids and pregnant lady always try to consult with your doctor .

Dolo 650 side effects :

No serious side effects of dolo come to notice till now if consumed under recommended dosage. Sometimes some rare side effects arises  after long term use of this tablet. These are may be

  1. Slight vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. A little stomach pain or irritation
  4. Itching or allergy in skin
  5. Liver or kidney damage can occur after long term high dosage intake

Dolo 650 overdose can cause serious problems.The dolo 650 dosage should always keep in mind.  You have to ask doctor and take medical attention urgently otherwise you can face serious conditions. Some symptoms arises due to overdose are given bellow

  • Continuously  Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sever vomiting
  • Look like pale

If you have any of the above symptoms then ask medical help. Otherwise the liver, kidney or any other organ will be damaged.

Warning before using Dolo 650 :

Before taking this tablet you have to read following points to avoid any serious side effects and stick always to proper dolo 650 dosage

  • Pre-existing Liver or Kidney disease :

If you have any liver or kidney related disease then try to avoid taking dolo. As it may worsen your condition.

  • During Pregnancy :

It is safe to take this tablet during pregnancy, but ask you doctor before using.

  • During Breastfeeding :

The paracetamol have negligence effect on your infant. Due to less quantity of paracetamol in breast milk, it is safe for you baby.

  • With other medicine :

If you are taking any other medicine which contains any form of paracetamol then avoid it. Other wise overdose can cause side effects.

Price :

Dolo 650 available in the market within a very reasonable price. A strip of  15 tablets costs only Rs-30.

Substitutes of Dolo 650 :

Other medicines which have same composition can be used as a substitute of Dolo. These are given below ;

  1. Calpol 650 tablet
  2. P 650 tablet
  3. Crocin 650 tablet
  4. Algina 650 tablet
  5. Paracip 650 tablet
  6. Dolopar 650 tablet
  7. Pacimol 650 tablet
  8. Parafizz 650 tablet
  9. Febrinil 650 tablet

Advice :

It is safe to take paracetamol in a recommended dose only. Read the precautions carefully before taking Dolo 650. If any side effects arise then consult with your doctor for early medical help. We always advise you take  medicine only under medical guidance.

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